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Your trusted partners for all your appliance repair needs in Temecula, California. With a dedicated team of skilled technicians, we specialize in prompt and reliable repairs for a range of appliances, ensuring your household runs smoothly.

Over 17+ Years Specializing in Appliances Repair & Maintenance

Experienced Technicians

Our team of experienced technicians is committed to providing high-quality repairs, backed by years of expertise in the appliance repair industry.

Prompt and Reliable Service

We understand the importance of swift resolutions. Count on us for timely and reliable service, minimizing disruptions to your daily routine.

Comprehensive Repairs

From minor adjustments to major overhauls, we offer comprehensive repair solutions to address a diverse range of appliance issues.

Local Servicing

As a locally-based service, we take pride in serving the Temecula community, offering personalized and responsive appliance repair services.

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Temecula Appliance Repair - Refrigerator Repair

The quality you expect, the service you deserve!

Do you have a busy schedule and need later service? We come out when it is convenient for you and fix your appliance in your home. No “taking it to the shop,” or “return trip charges.” All necessary part orders are expedited, and there is no shipping cost to the customer. You’ve come to the right place!

We offer high-quality appliance repair services at great prices.

Appliance services - Dishwasher Repair

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Clients love our service because nobody does it better.

Established in 2007, Temecula Appliance Repair Services began with a simple mission – to provide residents of Temecula, California, with top-notch appliance repair solutions. Over the years, our commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and technical expertise has allowed us to build lasting relationships within the community.

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Our clients' satisfaction is important to us.

Dmitry S.
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"Such a dedication to excellence. He diagnosed the problem and told me what needed to happen and how much. The next day, the part came in, and the problem was resolved. Extremely grateful for his help. Excellent customer service and resolution. Highly recommended! I am recommending Temecula Appliance Repair for all refrigerator issues."
Natalya B.
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"Egor explained to me how I could fix it myself and then said that If I didn't feel confident enough, he gladly would. I was so impressed with that! He took his time to help me even though he wasn't sure it would make him any money. I asked him to repair it anyway, and he was excellent. I have to say, anything I need to be fixed from now on, I will always call him!"
Susan S.
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"I have used Temecula Appliance Services for repairs at my rental condo several times and will continue using them."
Alley D.
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"As a young adult in her first home I was nervous when my fridge was having complications. Temecula Appliance Repair was recommended to me and they exceeded my expectations. Patient, polite, professional and so forth. Thank you!"
Keith P.
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"Very pleased with Temecula Appliance Repair. They were easy to work with, timely & very knowledgeable. They didn't just fix my problem; they also serviced my freezer, flushed & cleaned the lines etc."
Вероника K.
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"Eliot with Temecula Appliance Repair LLC did an excellent job diagnosing the intermittent problem with our microwave. We thought it would be a simple fix, but it turned out to be a bad board. Eliot researched the price of a new board, but unfortunately, it wasn’t worth repairing. At least we knew what we had to do. Eliot was professional, on time, and worked safely. We wish it had been an easy repair but we would not hesitate to use Temecula Appliance Repair LLC."
Mosohil S.
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"What can I say! It was just too good. He is the guy you would love to use for your future household appliances! Appreciate your dedication and thanks."
Jerry A.
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"My closest neighbor recommended this company. I was not sure about their service because of his recommendation. After I contacted them got more than what I expected. Thanks to the technician, he did a great job."
Brittany B.
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"I just moved to Temecula and did not know of any reliable repair services around town. I am a collage student and was very worried when my fridge in my new apartment was not working and I was unable to get help efficiently before my food expired. I got into contact with Temecula Appliance Repair from a friend and they were so helpful and fast! The price was reasonable for a college student so that just shows their quality! Highly recommend them!"
Marie H.
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"These guys are hella fast and very friendly. He came in with a mask on, and was very respectful. He had the part that was needed for my oven with him in his truck, so the work got that same day. So stoked I get to bake again! 😆👩🏼‍🍳"
Erica L.
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"Great company! He was able to come out to look at my refrigerator within 2 hours. He came back the next day before his other appointments to verify the problem. The part needed was ordered on Thursday and he called first thing on Saturday morning letting me know that the part had arrived and offered to come within the hour to fix it. Very professional. I will be recommending him to all of my friends!"
Nicholas W.
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"My experience with this company was top notch. I called for an appointment to fix my refrigerator and had a technician at my house same day within a few hours. He reset the fridge and it started right working again. After a couple of hours it went out again so I called him and he came back out again. In trying to pin point the exact issue, he had to come back to the house a total of 4 times. He only charged me for the one visit plus parts and labor for the fan that he finally determined needed to be replaced. He was very upfront about everything he was doing and why. Highly recommended."
Nick M.
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"The service was awesome I really appreciate the hard work that was put into my home. I had a leak with my washer machine and it was fixed within 48 hours. A big thank you to Temecula Appliance Repair. They are the best in the area."
Mark G.
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"Being fed up of already calling up technicians, I tried taking assistance from Egor. Thank God that I could finally get my dishwasher repaired. I had lost hope of getting it done on time but Egor was really honest and professional in his work."
Christy H.
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"Egor is the right man to call if you need to repair any appliance. He guaranteed us 100% satisfaction for my Whirlpool washer. It was not cleaning the dirty clothes well but now, it is works great!"
Parks M.
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"I would like to write my review about Egor who is simply a great guy to call up for any kind of appliance repair that needs to be done. I had contacted him before when he fixed my refrigerator. Just like before he told me how much it would be to fix and he fixed it fast."
Hector M.
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"I wanted to get my oven repaired as I did not want to invest in buying a new one. I made a call to Egor who has fixed it so well that it works like a new oven. I need not to buy a new oven now and I am fully satisfied with it. It was a good experience! Happy that I called Egor!"
Hector M.
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"I wanted to get my oven repaired as I did not want to invest in buying a new one. I made a call to Egor who has fixed it so well that it works like a new oven. I need not to buy a new oven now and I am fully satisfied with it. It was a good experience! Happy that I called Egor!"
Mike L.
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"Temecula Appliance Repair fixed my refrigerator fast with no problems."
Allen U.
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"if you need appliance repair in Temecula I would definitely call Egor. He really is a true expert. He fixed my viking oven fast."
Brianna B.
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"needed my refrigerator fixed in a hurry, Egor came out and fixed it fast. Thanks Temecula Appliance Repair!"
Darrel C.
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"I need appliance repair in Temecula on a Saturday and thank goodness these guys actually answered their phone. I explained my washer was leaking and he came out to save the day. Egor is a great guy and is local in Temecula which is a big plus!"
Omar M.
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"I needed appliance repair in Temecula last week. The only problem was I called 3 other companies and none of them answered. I guess most companies don't work on Saturdays but these guys did. Egor first mentioned he was too booked for Sat. but after I explained how desperate I was to fix my fridge he came out the same day I called. Great service and awesome guys."
Scott S.
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"Super fast service! Temecula Appliance Repair was great. I had a little emergency and they arrived and fixed my washer within 2-3 hours from the time I called them."
Tom H.
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"These guys conduct themselves in a very professional manner from start to finish. From the time they took my call to when they fixed my appliance. Egor is very nice guy."
Scott K.
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"I took a while to actually find a guy out here in Temecula that could actually fix viking appliances. Egor did a great job and my oven works again."
Shannon C.
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"Great service they fixed my appliance fast."
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